About Fairfield Pet Lodge

Welcome to Fairfield Pet Odge Doggy Day Care, previously known as Fairfield Kennels & Cattery. We’re family owned and operated boutique country Pet Lodge providing experienced Dog Training, Doggy Day Care, Boarding Kennels & Cattery for all your pets, with the highest level of care for their home away from home holiday experience. Located in South Auckland we are 7Km from Clevedong, a comfortable 20 minute drive from Howick, Beachlands or Maraetai and on a main route to the Coromandel Peninsula. FOr those travelling aboard we are only 37km from Auckland International Airport.

Fairfield is a family owned and operated pet lodge Anton, his wife Crisna and their daughter Ashlee have a deep love for animals that enables them to provide an outstanding one on one personal service.

Anton served nearly 15 years in the Police force with 12 of those years as a dog handler. His extensive training covers an abundance of areas, such as Psychology of Canine, Obstacles and Agility, Command Delivery, Open Area Search, Scent Theory, Tracking/Trailing, Article and Building Searching, Tactical Policing, Medical and First Aid/Care, Feeding and kennel management.



Fairfield is a pet lodge with a relaxed, friendly and informal atmosphere where  the care and welfare of your pet is of prime importance.

We achieve this by providing boutique country purpose built accommodation and using environmentally friendly practices, but by ensuring that every guest receives lots of human contact and attention. With us your pets are cared for as if they were our own, their welfare and happiness are our top priority.


Our mission is to continually scan the environment in search of practices, products and services that will reduce our carbon footprint and improve our inefficiencies here at Fairfield Pet Lodge. We value our community in which we operate by regularly contributing to worthwhile causes such as our local schools and by utilising the labour force from within our local community.

Efforts so far to reduce our carbon footprint include:

  • Make use of bore water & rainwater
  • Replace lights with LED
  • Natural products to break down dog waste
  • Utilise where possible enzyme based cleaning products and reduce our reliance on harsh chemicals
  • We are in the planning phase of planting a range of native trees and incorporate a mix of fruit trees
  • Our ultimate goal is to progress to a stage where we can harness energy from the sun that will meet our power consumption needs. We are hopeful to be fully self-sufficient and off the grid within the next few years.

We negotiate hard with suppliers so that we can keep costs low and in turn pass those savings on to our customers. We stock several premium dry food brands and ensure that all our guests are fed top quality food. Where possible we source dry and raw foods that are produced and manufactured within New Zealand, thereby supporting New Zealand businesses.