Dog Training Auckland

Auckland Dog and Puppy Training

Anton is very experienced in training dogs. A veteran of 12 years serving as a Dog Handler in the Police service, he trained several dogs as an aid in the fight against crime and preparing them for adverse circumstances. His Patrol Dog Handlers training included highly specialised Tactical/SWOT training. Further specialised training included identification and handling of explosives and dual training patrol dogs in the detection of commercial and military explosives, firearms, ammunition and homemade explosive devices.

Throughout his life Anton has owned and worked with several dog breeds such as Dobermans, cross breeds, German shepherds, Jack Russel, Schnauzer, Airedale Terrier and Malinios Belgian Shepards.

Anton has many years of valuable experience in dog training but he has not reached the stage where he proclaims to know it all, but rather in his view, training dogs is a lifelong and rewarding learning experience.

Not all households would require highly specialised trained dogs, but rather most dog owners want a well-mannered and obedient pet. Anton can work with pet owners to achieve their goals. Prices for training will depend on each situation and will be discussed during the initial consultation.

DOG TRAINING – Cost to be discussed