Doggy Day Care Auckland

Doggy Day Care Auckland

Welcome to Fairfield Pet Lodge Doggy Day Care in Auckland, previously known as Fairfield Kennels & Cattery. We’re a family-owned and operated boutique country Pet Lodge providing experienced Dog Training, Doggy Day Care, Boarding Kennels & Cattery for all your pets, with the highest level of care for their home away from home holiday experience.

Located in South Auckland we are 7km from Clevedon, a comfortable 20 minute drive from Howick, Beachlands or Maraetai and on a main route to the Coromandel Peninsula. For those travelling abroad we are only 37km from Auckland International Airport.

Doggy Day Care Auckland Wide

Our facility is spread over five stunning hectares including lush paddocks, large garden areas and mature trees. Secure behind electric gates, it offers a safe, healthy and caring environment that your pets will love. Whether you are looking at day stay or want long-term boarding when you are away, you will find that Fairfield has a number of affordable solutions for your peace of mind.

Doggy Day Care Auckland

Our Auckland Doggy Day Care service is available Monday to Friday, however is generally unavailable on public or school holidays or during our Peak Season, although inquiries are still welcome.

Here at Fairfield it’s a very special pet lodge with a relaxed, friendly and informal atmosphere where the care and welfare of your pet is of prime importance.

We achieve this not only by providing boutique country, purpose built accommodation, but by ensuring that every guest receives lots of human contact and attention. With us your pets are cared for as if they were our own and their welfare and happiness are our top priority.

We’re safely nestled in the picturesque countryside of South Auckland, close to Papakura, Clevedon and the well known coastal village of Kawa Kawa Bay, which affords us the luxury of taking your dogs to the beach for exercise and fun if this suits you and your pet. Our unique setting guarantees your pet a happy, healthy holiday with clean New Zealand country air.


DOGGY DAYCARE – $20 per day

Please familiarise yourself with our Terms and Conditions here.

To book in for doggy day care, please download and complete the registration form, or reach out to us via our Contact page.