We take the safety of our staff and all other pet guests very seriously and hence will not accommodate banned dog breeds or ‘dangerous’ dogs that have a history of biting/attacking humans or other dogs. Please be very honest during our interview stage about your pet’s behaviour. If you fail or neglect to fully inform us of past or current dangerous pet behaviours and an incident occurs, the pet owner will be held liable for all costs stemming from that incident, including claims for damage to Fairfield Pet Lodges reputation.


Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using Fairfield services and facilities. Every effort will be made to draw your attention to our Terms and Conditions (T&C’s), however, we accept that if you decide to utilise our services and facility you have read, understood and agreed to our Terms & Conditions. 


You acknowledge and agree to our charges for the services as they appear on our website and price list and that costs will be paid in full before boarding commences. Other payment arrangements can be discussed with the owner. Short notice cancellation of bookings and unused days will incur charges for all days booked. Any extension of bookings, will incur extra costs for the extra time boarded. Any Vet fees and transportation fees is in addition to boarding fees and must be paid in full prior to departure.

We may require that you pay a deposit before boarding commences. During peak season no booking will be secured until this deposit is received.

The kennel for your pet is reserved, and charges start on the first day of the booking and if your pet is checked out on the last day before 10 am there are no additional charges – additional charges will apply if your pet is checked out after 10 am. Surcharges apply during Public Holidays and Peak Season. 

All necessary veterinary or medical care required and costs incurred as a result of any incident involving your pet will be the sole responsibility of the pet owner.

We retain the right not to release any pets until full settlement of bill.  

Credit Cards will attract a vendor surcharge of 3{68230fd7f9059b1345d3de7193d32ab282d2abc3c1dd0172e53a15b3f3f901c3}

Pet Behaviour

It is imperative that you notify us of any problems or undesirable behavior with your pet. We take the health and safety of our staff, clients, contractors, visitors and pets very seriously. We will not board uncontrollable or dangerous pets at our facility. We do not board banned dog breeds and or dogs that jumps fences. 

Any damage or extra cost incurred due to your failure to inform us in writing of any undesirable behavior will be payable by the pet owner. Costs may include vet fees, hospital/doctor fees and isolation fees, and Vet fees. We reserve the right to refuse admission of any dog we deem to be unsuitable for boarding at Fairfield for any reason. We reserve the right to request that your emergency contact person should remove your pet from our premises for any reason (including without limitation where your pet is causing undue stress to other animals or is, in our opinion showing aggressive behaviour, or barking consistently). 

Please note that should your dog ‘escape’ from our Fairfield premises, you will have to pay any costs associated with injury to either your own pet or any other pet, or any damages caused to property, other animals, persons and/or time spent looking for your pet. This includes costs incurred due to impoundment. Fairfield enclosures are of a high standard and the perimeter is checked regularly. 


Pets must have up-to-date vaccination certificates otherwise they will not be accepted. A copy of the certificates must be presented on or before arrival and presented at every stay. Failure to provide a valid vaccination card for each pet staying gives Fairfield the right to refuse to board your pet.

Dogs staying at Fairfield must be fully inoculated against Parvo Virus, Distemper, Hepatitis (Vanguard 5 or similar product) at least every three years, Leptospirosis and Canine Cough(Kennel Cough) yearly and the most recent vaccination must be administered at least seven days before boarding.

Cats must be fully inoculated against Feline Leukemia, Feline Infectious enteritis, Feline viral Rhinotracheitis (Feline Herpes Virus) and Feline Calicivirus and must have had a booster injection within the previous twelve months. We do not accept cats that have been diagnosed with AIDS.

Pet Health

Fairfield will take every possible precaution to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all pets in its care. We will take swift action if a pet appears unwell either by consulting our closest available vet or in some circumstances we may contact the pet’s usual vet for advice. Fairfield will require the pet owner to pay any vet costs we incur due to sickness, injury or unexpected death, including costs associated with taking your pet to the Vet. Your pet should be in a good state of health and at least be able to walk and relief itself in designated areas. 

We also require that you inform us of any existing medical conditions your pet may have, or previous injuries sustained or treatment that it is receiving, as this will assist us in managing your pet during their stay at Fairfield. Any medication to be administered during your pet’s stay with us must be clearly detailed in writing and left in clearly marked containers. You provide Fairfield permission to contact your Vet to obtain information relating to your pets health, treatment or prognoses either prior, during or following their stay at Fairfield.

All pets must be treated for fleas and worms before visiting Fairfield. If fleas or worms are present on the pet, Fairfield reserves the right to treat the pet and charge for the service.

Bedding & Toys

We provide suitable bedding for your pets, however should you prefer to bring their own bedding it must be in clean condition and clearly labeled. We will endeavor to keep your pet’s personal belongings in good condition, but all items are left at the pet owner’s risk, the same applies to toys.

 Food & Feeding Times

Pets are fed twice per day at 10 am and 5 pm unless otherwise instructed. We supply quality dog dry food which is regularly supplemented with products high in protein. You are welcome to supply your pet’s food, but we offer no discount in these situations. For pets, on a raw food diet, it is important to discuss the appropriate portion sizes with your Vet or pet nutritionist. During their stay, they will get lots of exercise, and as a result, their condition could change if not supplied with the correct portion sizes.


Grooming and bath services will be provided to your pet at our discretion. Pets that stay longer than ten days will receive a complimentary basic groom consisting of a wash and brush. Dogs that stay for a shorter period can request this basic groom service at $30. Please note Fairfield accepts no responsibility for any reaction your pet may have to the products we use unless you have advised us of any skin conditions that your pet may have.

Drop off & Collection Times

Our office hours and Peak Season dates are set out on our website; we are closed on 25 – 26/12 & 31/12 – 02/01 and Easter Sunday. All pets must be dropped off and collected no less than 15 minutes before we close to give us time to settle them.

Please note, if you arrive after closing time, and our office and gates are locked, you can return the following day to drop or collect your petdo not climb over or through our fence or gates to reach our office. It is private property, accessing our property without permission amounts to trespass. Also we have our own dogs that may be roaming freely on our property which may pose a risk to unaccompanied people.

Should you be unable to collect your pet in person, you must notify us in advance, and your representative must bring proof of identity and final payment before your pet will be released. If we are transporting your pet, we will take every possible care but accept no liability for loss or injury.

Doggy Day Care is available from Monday to Friday but generally unavailable on public or school holidays or during our Peak Season although inquiries are still welcome.


Any booking that is not canceled, outside of peak season, within 48 hours of commencement of booking – “no show” will be charged for the full duration of the booking. You will also be held liable for all other costs incurred with recovering of unpaid bills. We charge 2{68230fd7f9059b1345d3de7193d32ab282d2abc3c1dd0172e53a15b3f3f901c3} interest per month on outstanding amounts. 

If you have made a booking, and commence your pet’s stay, you will be responsible for paying for the whole booked period, even in situations where you return early, and wish to collect your pet on an earlier date than originally booked in for.

All deposits received for peak season bookings are non-refundable and we do not accept any cancellations after 15 November. Any cancellations received after this date may be liable for the full cost of the original booking. 

Any refunds outside of peak season will attract a 25{68230fd7f9059b1345d3de7193d32ab282d2abc3c1dd0172e53a15b3f3f901c3} admin fee.

We require at least 24 hours’ notice for any change to pick up dates.  

Unpaid Accounts

All accounts need to be paid before boarding commences, however, a different payment date can be discussed and agreed to by the owner. If we need to take steps to recover outstanding money, the client will bear all costs associated with recovering any outstanding fees. In the event that there is a dispute about fees, you must first pay your outstanding account and then follow the appropriate procedure to recover disputed amounts.


Pets left at Fairfield for seven days or more than the agreed date of departure without any contact from the owner or their representative will be classed as abandoned and removed to an official establishment. It is the pet owner’s responsibility to ensure that they communicate any unexpected delays to Fairfield.

Any outstanding accounts will be pursued in full, and you agree to pay any collection and legal/enforcement costs that we incur.


Fairfield will occasionally take photographs of their kennels and cattery, these photos may be used for promotional purposes or to update you on how your pet is doing. We reserve the right to use these images without payment of royalties at our discretion including our website, social media or in print.


You acknowledge and understand that Fairfield operates a communal, interactive playgroup environment (for dogs and cats) and accepts the positive benefits and potential risks involved.

The dog playgroups are selected based on the pet’s size, temperament and age are exercised outdoors in enclosed runs consisting of various surfaces including grass, cement, and exposed soil. I agree with my dog being exercised in this manner unless I specifically request that my pet is not to participate in these activities. I also accept all risks associated with group play.

Long stay dogs may from time to time be taken off site for walks along the beach. As with any off-site activity, this has risks, feel free to discuss these with management.

In the event that we have to transport your pet off site you acknowledge and accept that there are risks associated with pets traveling in motor vehicles.

Owners agree to be solely responsible for any harm caused by their pets while staying at Fairfield Pet Lodge and release Fairfield Pet Lodge from any and all liability arising from your pet’s participation.

I expressively waive and relinquish any and all claims against Fairfield Pet Lodge, its employees, and representatives, except those arising from any negligence on the part of Fairfield. I understand that under no circumstances will Fairfield be liable for consequential damages or damages beyond the fair replacement value of your pet. Replacement value is the replacement of your pet based on the replacement cost of similar pet breeds in NZ, but not exceeding NZ $1500.00.

The Legal Stuff

We will never sell, lend, rent, disclose or release your personal information or any information relating to your communication with Fairfield to any third party.

Fairfield Pet Lodge may update its Terms and Conditions where necessary.

Terms & Conditions can be found on our website as the primary version only, superseding all paper or other digital versions